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Fuel Moto PV3 CX Advanced Remote Tuning Support

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The Fuel Moto Advanced Remote Tuning Support (RTS) service is an internet & email based tuning service for customers that would like enhanced tuning support for their Dynojet Power Vision 3 and PV-CX device. This is a paid "next level" custom tuning service above & beyond Fuel Moto’s standard level of support that utilizes experience & applications that have taken many years to develop. Fuel Moto RTS service is a great fit for those who do not have local access to a professional tuner or their tuner is not proficient with the Power Vision toolset. Fuel Moto Advanced RTS service includes the following:

  • Power Vision base map for your combination
  • login to Fuel Moto RTS support portal
  • Advanced Power Vision data log analyzation, custom tune correction, & optimization
  • Remote support via Team Viewer or other software for a Fuel Moto technician to control your computer remotely (if necessary)
  • Enhanced one on one support via email (

Each service ticket is good for tuning one bike, in one configuration, and it is good for 60 days from purchase date. Customers will require the following:

  • Dynojet Power Vision 3 or PV-CX fuel tuner
  • Bosch ME17 ECU equipped vehicle with factory O2 sensor(s) or optional Dynojet Wideband kit. Includes Indian Scout & Scout 60, Indian Thunderstroke 111” & 116" models, Polaris RZR, Ranger, Quads, and Victory motorcycles
  • A Windows PC running Windows XP or newer (7, 8, or 10)
  • Basic computer skills
  • Willingness to learn

The Fuel Moto RTS service is capable of correcting fueling/timing related issues for many applications. It gives us the ability to match your engine configuration based on log data from the vehicle's computer (ECU) and PV-CX. Fuel & spark corrections are possible with our custom tuning algorithms which are applied to the data provided to us by the Bosch ME-17 ECU and recorded on the PV-3 or PV-CX. At the beginning of the tuning process users will be provided with a custom map with various tune edits to maximize data collection which will be temporary during the tuning process, with each tuning session we will be applying corrections based on log data using our custom tuning algorithms and you will be supplied with a new updated tune for your next session. This tuning process typically takes three to four good sessions, possibly more depending on specific modifications. For those using the factory narrowband O2 sensors we can typically correct 90+% of the operating range, if you have the optional Wideband kit with the associated wideband sensors installed, correction of 100% of your operating range is possible using our custom algorithms applied to the data recorded with the Power Vision.

Once Fuel Moto Power Vision Advanced Remote Tuning Service is purchased through our website users will be emailed additional information, instructions, and access to the support portal on our website. NOTE: All RTS tuning and support is done through our website & email, this service is not available by phone.

Application List

Fitment for FM-PVCX-RTS

Application List

Fitment for FM-PVCX-RTS


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