117" Big Bore Kit

117ci Big Bore Kit

The Fuel Moto 117" Big Bore is a complete kit with the absolutely highest quality components, all of which have been extensively tested in house both on the dyno as well as in real world conditions to deliver top level performance. This is a 130-140Hp pump gas package which requires case boring, true/balance/welded crankshaft, as well as other peripherals such as throttle body, injectors, exhaust, and appropriate EFI tuning device. We are also offering various options including gear drive cams & Timken conversion.

$2995 - Order your 117" Big Bore Kit now!

The Fuel Moto 117" kit includes the following:

  • 4.125 Fuel Moto IC extreme duty cylinders
  • FM/CP custom pistons 11.0:1 compression
  • FM CNC ported cylinder head service 
  • Wood TW8-6 cams
  • Wood Directional lifters
  • FM adjustable pushrods
  • complete premium gasket kit

Retail Price: $2995.00 Complete kit
Professional Installation: $4995.00* at our location including the complete kit, lower end service, break in & dyno tune on our state of the art dyno. (*does not include EFI tuning device, exhaust system, throttle body, or other associated parts such as oil & filter)


Additional Packages

Fuel Moto also offers package deals for the 117" kit bundled along with tuning components, exhaust systems, and air cleaners. We also offer the Fuel Moto 117" Piston / Cylinder kit. This kit is available in various compression ranges.

The Fuel Moto 117" Piston / Cylinder kit includes the following:

  • IC Cylinders
  • CP Carillo Pistons
  • Rings
  • Head/base gaskets

Retail Price $1199

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