124" Big Bore Kit for SE 120R/ST

124" Big Bore Kit

The Fuel Moto 124" big bore kit fits all SE 120R & SE 120ST engines and takes these popular Harley crate engines from mild to wild with NO case boring required. The Fuel Moto 124" kit offers substantial gains in horsepower with huge gains in torque with increased reliability over the SE components.

$1399 - Order your 124" Big Bore Kit now!

Fuel Moto 124" Big Bore Kit includes the following:

SE 120R

  • Forged piston kit, available in 11.0, 11.5 or 12.0:1 compression
  • Precision bored cylinders (please note that we have a limited quantity of 120R cylinders for core exchange)
  • Wood TW-9B cams (other options available, contact us for details)
  • Wood Alpha Directional lifters
  • Fuel Moto Quick Install Pushrods
  • Complete premium gasket kit with inner cam bearings

Retail Price: $1399.00 Complete kit
Professional turn key Installation: $2798.00 ($3678.00 with FM CNC head service)* at our location including the complete kit, break in & dyno tune on our state of the art dyno. (*does not include required peripheral such as EFI tuning device, exhaust system, throttle body, or other associated parts such as oil & filter)

Fuel Moto SE 120R/ST Cylinder Head Porting

SE 120R/ST MVA Heads

Fuel Moto recommends the SE 120R/ST cylinder head porting services to pair with the 124" big bore kit for the best performance gains.

Fuel Moto SE 120R/ST CNC Head Service

  • full CNC porting for maximum velocity and flow,
    port profile developed by Rick Ward (NHRA Pro Stock crew chief/rider)   
  • multi radius competition valve job
  • .650 lift beehive style springs
  • Replacement of valve guide seals
  • re-machining of gasket surfaces
  • CC chamber, set to specific volume

Retail Price $879


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