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Dynojet - Power Vision Tune License Harley models

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NOTE: This product has the following shipping restriction(s):
  • This product cannot ship to California.
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The Power Vision Tune License Program is a provision that will allow a customer to tune multiple HD motorcycles with a single Power Vision. Each vehicle, or more specifically each ECM will require a unique Power Vision Tune License that needs to be "applied" to the Power Vision in order to actually flash, or tune that particular ECM. Once a license is "applied" the Power Vision device will recognize that bike each time it is connected going forward, there is no limit to the amount of bikes you can license. Once generated, a Power Vision Tune License can be applied to any Power Vision unit, it is not device specific.
Your Power Vision (and WinPV software) will need to be the latest version before beginning the Tune License process, you will use the PV Update Client for this, there are full instructions on the FM University site here. Once all of the items are up to date, you are ready to proceed. You will then use the procedure outlined below to create a new .STK read from the bike you want to generate the license for, once we receive this file a PV Tune License will be generated and emailed to you. This service is offered during business hours Monday-Friday, we do not generate licenses over the weekend. 
Retrieving ECM information
Information must be read and saved from the ECM of the vehicle for which you are generating the license. 
  1. Attach the Power Vision to the motorcycle you need to retrieve the ECM data from with the supplied cable.
    1. NOTE: This is the bike you are adding to the Power Vision, not your existing motorcycle!
  2. Turn the ignition on and ensure that the kill switch is in the 'Run' position (engine is not running).
  3. On the Power Vision main menu, touch 'Vehicle Tools'.
  4. Touch 'Read ECM' (A warning will pop up, touch 'Yes' to continue).
  5. You will be presented a 'Success' screen that will report the name of the file we will retrieve using your computer (example: 20-JAB-YNKX99M.stk) Note: the first two numbers will be the year of the motorcycle
  6. Touch 'OK' on the Power Vision screen and turn your ignition off.
  7. Disconnect the Power Vision from your vehicle.
  8. Connect your Power Vision to your computer using the provided USB cable.
  9. The Power Vision will boot up and says "PC Link Mode Active".
  10. Launch the WinPV Software on your computer.
  11. On the menu bar, go to "Power Vision", and choose "Diagnostic Test functions > Get ECM Data from PV”.
  12. A warning will pop up, click 'Yes' to continue.
  13. Highlight the STK file by left clicking on it. (In step 5, our STK file was named "20-JAB-YNKX99M.stk" note this file name will be unique for every motorcycle).
  14. Click on 'Get' and save to your computer, its easiest to choose "Desktop"
  15. Upon completion, open the Fuel Moto contact email and attached the .STK file you saved to the desktop and a Tune License will be generated

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