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Dynojet - Power Vision Dual Tune License


Power Vision Dual Tune License

PV-1 Cable 

2002-2013 HD Touring Models
2001-2010 HD Softail Models
2004-2011 HD Dyna Models
2007-2013 HD Sportster Models
2002-2016 HD V-Rod Models

PV-2 Cable

2014-2016 HD Touring Models
2011-2016 HD Softail Models
2012-2016 HD Dyna Models
2014-2016 HD Sportster Models

Pricing: $199.00


Please note, only 1 Dual Tune License can be applied to each Power Vision. If you intend on using your Power Vision with additional motorcycles, please purchase a Tune License (found here).

The Power Vision Dual Tune License Program is a provision that will allow a customer to tune a second H-D motorcycles with a single Power Vision. The Power Vision includes the license to program one motorcycle and the Dual Tune License allows a second motorcycle to be added to the same Power Vision. Once the Dual Tune License is applied to the Power Vision, it will allow the Power Vision to Tune the second H-D Motorcycle. Please note that information must be transferred from the Power Vision and saved before a Dual Tune License can be issued.

Instructions to Retrieve Power Vision Information

  1. Plug in the USB cable into the Power Vision.
  2. After the Power Vision boots up and says "PC Link Mode Active".
  3. Launch the WinPV Software.
  4. On the menu bar, go to "Power Vision", and choose "Diagnostic Test functions > Get ECM Data from PV”.
  5. Highlight “DiagnosticsHistory.txt” and click Get. Save it to the default directory, C:\My Documents\Power Vision\ Diagnostics.
  6. Purchase the Dual Tune License using the 'Add to Cart' button above.
  7. You will receive an order confirmation email. Please reply to this email with your 'DiagnosticsHistory.txt' file attached.
  8. We will then email your your Dual Tune license typically the same business day.

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