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Dynojet - PV3 Tune License w/ Custom Tune - Indian Polaris Can Am & Metric

NOTE: This product has the following shipping restriction(s):
  • This product cannot ship to California.
Pricing: $249.00

NOTE: This product has the following shipping restriction(s):
  • This product cannot ship to California.


The Dynojet Power Vision PV3 Tune License Program is a provision that allows users to tune multiple vehicles with their existing PV3 device. This includes Indian, Polaris, Can Am, Honda, Yamaha, & Kawasaki vehicles that are supported with Dynojet PV3. Each vehicle, or more specifically each ECU will require a unique PV3 Tune License that needs to be "applied" to the PV3 in order to actually flash, or tune that particular ECU. Once a license is "applied" the PV3 device will recognize that machine each time it is connected going forward as long as the tune license and .STK (original tune) are loaded on the device. There is no limit to the amount of bikes you can license. Once generated, a PV3 Tune License can be applied to any Dynojet PV3 unit, it is not device specific.
Note: PV3 tune licenses are not compatible with PV-CX.
Once you purchase the PV3 tune license please perform the following, Fuel Moto will then generate and email the tune license and PV3 tune
Update your PV3 
  • The PV3 device and your computer both need to have the latest updates before beginning the Tune License process. If you have not already done so download the Dynojet Power Core software here 
  • Plug in your PV3 device and open Power Core software, go to Tools>Manage Hardware. You will see Dynojet PV3 in the Hardware manager, select Auto Update Device to run the available updates.

    Note: if you are generating a PV3 license for a different brand vehicle than it was originally purchased for (ex. using a Polaris PV3 on a Honda) you will need to download/update vehicle/brand specific firmware first. This can be downloaded from the Dynojet website here Also note you will need the appropriate data cable. 

Connect PV3 to your vehicle

Connect the PV3 to the dataport on your vehicle. Turn the ignition/run switch to the on position, this will create a new PVINFO.TXT file based on the connected vehicle

Retrieve PVINFO.TXT and email file

Connect the PV3 to your computer via USB, it will recognize the device as POWERVISION. Open this drive and either save the PV_INFO.TXT to your computer or simply open this drive from your email. You will attach the PV_INFO.TXT to the email and send this file to Please include the following information in this email:

  • Your full name
  • Year & model of the bike you are purchasing the license
  • full list of modifications on the vehicle

Applying license & Tune files

Once we receive your information and PV_INFO.TXT we will generate and email you the following:

  • PV3 license file
  • PV3 tune file (.DJT)
  • original tune file (.STK)*

You will then save these files to your PV3. You will plug in your PV3 via USB and can save them directly to the POWERVISION, or you can drag and drop them into the POWERVISION drive. 

You can now flash the PV3 .DJT tune file to your ECU

*Not always required


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