Custom Fuel Map Support

Fuel MapFuel Moto fully supports the Dynojet tuning products for our customers and we are continually developing maps for new combinations. When you purchase a tuning product from Fuel Moto we will program the unit for you based on the information provided at the time of sale so it will will come to you plug and play, ready to install (note: we cannot pre-program PV-CX). We also provide maps if you make future modifications to your bike. This exclusive service is offered to Fuel Moto customers only. If you would like to request a new map, please submit your details from the form below. You will need to fill out all of the fields to get your new map.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased your Dynojet tuning product from another dealer other than Fuel Moto and need map or technical support please contact Dynojet at 800-992-4993 or