Important Info for 2021

Welcome to the crazy 2021 season! We want to take a moment to provide some additional information on some conditions that are making 2021 a bit different than other years. Due to last years mandated closures and shutdowns many companies, manufacturers, & distributors have encountered shortages. This includes not only products but also raw materials and the parts within them. This is affecting availability on some items. Fuel Moto stocks & warehouses more parts than ever before however we are encountering some industry wide shortages. To ensure the flow & shipment of camshaft packages and engine kits we are taking action to keep orders moving as shortages occur by substituting items if necessary, when done so we will offer a high quality, functional equivalent. On this page we will note items (if any) that are currently not available and the item they will be substituted with. We will update as necessary. For questions, email or give us a call at 920-423-3309.

Current substitutions as of 5/12/2021 

All Twin Cam & Milwaukee-8 cam packages & complete engine kits: substituting the S&S Cycle Precision lifters in place of Wood Performance lifters. 

Fuel Moto EZ Quick Install pushrods are now back in stock & shipping!