Fuel Moto Tuning Products

We have partnered with an industry leader in EFI Tuning, Dynojet, to bring you custom EFI tuners at budget friendly prices.
  • Fuel Moto Micro EFI Tuner Fuel Moto Micro EFI Tuner

    Fuel Moto USA is pleased to introduce the Fuel Moto Micro Tuner by Dynojet. This easy to install Power Commander V based controller features easy to use software and uses Dynojet PC-V maps. The Fuel Moto Micro Tuner features a powerful range of fuel adjustments, it allows for individual cylinder tuning including the decel area of the tune, a useful accelerator pump feature, and it will store three maps which can be be switched right on the Micro Tuner unit. There are also three broad range adjustment for making in field adjustments if desired. There are hundreds of maps available covering most popular applications. Fuel Moto will also pre-program your Micro Tuner based on the modifications you have made to your bike so it is ready to install when you receive it. There is also a wealth of support available from both Fuel Moto and Dynojet Research.