Bazzaz - Bazzaz Z-Fi QS Quick Shift + Fuel Control

Product Information

Price Range: $0.00 - $0.00


  • Allows for smooth, full power clutch-less, up-shifting using the patent pending QGK ignition cut
  • Z-Fi QS (Quick Shift) integrates all the same features of the Z-Fi controller together with quick shift capability. Included in the kit is a rugged shift sensor and application-specific rod for ease of installation. The Z-Fi QS unit employs race proven QCK technology for seamless clutchless up shifting. It has user adjustable gear dependant kill times allowing for optimal shifting in all gears. The kit comes complete with control unit, harnessing, shift switch, and adapter rod
  • For closed course competition use only. NOT FOR STREET USE
  • May not be legal for sale or use in California or in other localities due to state and/or federal anti-tampering laws