RSD - Two-Piece Brake Rotors

Product Information

Price Range: $329.00 - $439.00


  • Designed specifically for use with RSD wheels
  • Feature aluminum carrier with a 420 stainless steel outer band
  • Available with Contrast Cut or Black Ops carriers (except 13" Diesel polished which has a highly-polished carrier)
  • Contrast Cut carriers start with a black anodized finish that is then recut to open up the design
  • Black Ops features gloss black on top of contrasting textured black for outstanding durability
  • Contrast Cut Ops, RSD's newest finish, featuring a combination of Contrast Cut and Black Ops, the two tone Black Ops finish is thrown back on the machine for one final mill pass and detail that brings out the natural aluminum combined with texture and gloss black
  • 13" rotors use silent floaters
  • Wide rear wheels require special 11.5" rotors with a 2.50" i.d. flange
  • Made in the U.S.A. by Performance Machine
  • NOTE: 11.5" rotors will fit 84-99 applications if used in conjunction with spacer PART #1710-0636 and PM calipers.
  • NOTE: 13" rotors must be used with Performance Machine calipers designed for 13" rotors. Will not work with calipers designed for 11.5" rotors.