Akrapovic - Scooter Slip-On Mufflers

Product Information

Price Range: $529.00 - $639.00


  • Designs based on the design of Akrapovic hexagonal Racing and Evolution line exhaust systems using state-of-the-art materials to provide top-flight performance, the lowest possible weight and the highest production quality
  • Conform to the strict EU regulations for street use and satisfy all conditions for exhaust system noise levels and safety when equipped with optional catalytic converter
  • Approved by the technical standards board for each specific type of motorcycle, which is indicated by a stamp of approval on the muffler
  • Noise levels are lower, but the recognizable Akrapovic sound is still there
  • Please see page 28 of the 2014 Parts Unlimited Street catalog for the complete line of Akrapovic slip-on scooter mufflers