Bassani Xhaust - +P Bagger Stepped True-Duals Systems With Power Curve

Product Information

Price Range: $129.00 - $901.00


  • Feature equal length 13/4" into 17/8" step head pipes with 4" straight muffler style
  • Include 12mm and 18mm oxygen sensor ports and plugs
  • Include full coverage head pipe heat shields
  • Produce a distinctive "stereo-friendly sound"
  • B1 style muffler utilizes advanced inner collector for maximum performance
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • NOTE: 10 FLHX/FLTRX models will require PART #1861-0573 to properly mount.
  • NOTE: It is recommended that Thunder Max ECM PART #1020-1866 be used on 08-13 models for maximum performance gains.