Dynojet - Quick Shifter Kits

Product Information

Price Range: $58.00 - $399.00


  • Full-throttle, clutchless up-shifting is now possible with the Dynojet Quick Shifter (DQS) kit
  • A fully-programmable PCIII USB/DQS interface combines all shifter functions with the main fuel controller
  • Momentarily cutting fuel flow to the injectors shuts down the motor and unloads the transmission, letting you up-shift at full power without touching the throttle or the clutch
  • Included software lets you adjust the amount of engine "kill time" during shifts and set minimum engine operating rpm to prevent the system from activating during low-speed riding
  • Plugs into the USB expansion port on PCIII USB, so no cutting or splicing of your bike's wiring harness is necessary
  • Kits include shift rod sensor, shifter rod, rod linkage for custom applications, instructions and all software required to activate the DQS through your PCIII USB
  • For use with PC-V cut off plug
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • NOTE: All models must have a Power Commander III USB module installed in order to use a Dynojet Quick Shifter kit. Power Commander PCII, PCIII and PCIIIr modules are not compatible with the DQS.