Dynojet - Dynojet Quick Shifter Accessories

Product Information

Price Range: $16.00 - $276.00


  • Races are won or lost in fractions of a second
  • Dynojet's Quick Shifter (DQS) kit allows full-throttle, clutchless upshifts in racing and performance riding applications
  • Shift rod pressure/tension sensor kit is a universal sensor that mounts to the shift rod in either a push or pull configuration; requires modification of gear-linkage tie-rod
  • Linear travel sensor kit works with bikes that have no shift rod, or on those the shift rod sensor will not fit, by mounting one end to the shift lever and the other to a fixed point on the chassis; available in push or pull types with universal mounting hardware
  • Plugs directly into the Power Commander expansion port with no re-wiring required
  • Power Commander Control Center software lets you set engine dead time during upshifts and minimum rpm for system operation
  • PART #s 1601-0011 and 1601-0012 are "pressure style" sensors for PCIII USB
  • PART #s 1601-0244 and 1601-0245 are "pressure style" sensors for PCV
  • PART #s 1601-0013 and 1601-0014 are "linear" sensors for PCIII USB
  • PART #s 1601-0246 and 1601-0247 are "linear" sensors for PCV
  • NOTE: To order either of the above sensors, you must find the correct direction of movement during an upshift (push or pull). For the shift rod/pressure/tension sensor, press on the shift lever in the direction of an upshift to see if the rod is pushing or pulling on the clevis on the shift shaft. For the linear travel sensor, also move the shifter for an upshift. If movement is down, a pull sensor is needed. If movement is up, a push sensor is required.