Barnett - Low Profile Lock-Up Pressure Plate Conversion Kits

Product Information

Price Range: $624.00 - $624.00


  • Specifically designed to fit under the stock or aftermarket primary/derby covers and increase the capacity of your stock clutch by using stainless steel weighted arms that progressively increase pressure to the clutch as rpm increase
  • This also allows lever effort to be kept to a minimum - even with big-inch motors
  • Three different sets of six coil springs (light, medium, heavy) are included for a variety of spring pressure options
  • Coil spring design provides much smoother shifting and a more progressive, linear engagement compared to a diaphragm-type spring
  • Simple bolt-on installation is all that is required with no modifications needed
  • Cable-actuated and hydraulic versions are available
  • Made in the U.S.A.