SuperTrapp - V-5 2-Into-1 Slip-On 3/4 Exhaust System

Product Information

Price Range: $1028.00 - $1028.00


  • The ultimate pipe for your V-Rod
  • SuperTrapp's external disc technology is incorporated into the company's first 5" pipe for motorcycles
  • Provides a significant horsepower increase and deep throaty exhaust note; mounts to the stock headpipe
  • Weighs a whopping 21 lb. less than the stock system and tips the scales at a mere 12 lb.
  • Tunable disc system gives the rider the flexibility to set up the pipe for a specific type of riding (includes 12 5" discs)
  • By adding discs, exhaust sound and top-end power increase; by removing discs, low-end torque increases and exhaust note decreases
  • Features triple-chrome-plated mid pipe, heat shield and canister, stainless steel core and polished billet aluminum end cap
  • Uses OEM headpipes
  • Made in the U.S.A.