Yoshimura - Pim-2 Fuel Injection Module

Product Information

Price Range: $339.00 - $339.00


  • Yoshimura's fuel injection adjustment module
  • Complete, simple instructions and instructional DVD included
  • Typically installs in less than 30 minutes - comes with Plug-N-Play complete wiring harness
  • Comes pre-loaded with two fuel maps - one for ATVs with a Yoshimura slip-on muffler, one for ATVs with a Yoshimura full exhaust system
  • Features more than 400 adjustment points in +/- 1% increments and full range mapping every 500 rpm at 10% throttle intervals
  • Additional maps can be downloaded from the Yoshimura website, so the PIM-2 can be used with almost any engine modifications and exhaust system you choose