Fuel Moto E-Series FLH Slip On Mufflers

Product Information

Price Range: $479.00 - $479.00


  • FLH Slip-Ons feature a triple stage core system that provides maximum flow and attenuation of sound waves to create an awesome deep, low frequency exhaust tone; further accentuated by our evolutionary tuneable elliptical diffuser disc system.
  • These mufflers make excellent horsepower and torque at an especially reasonable dB level making them especially suitable for touring.
  • Each muffler includes 14 E-Series discs.
  • E-Series slip on mufflers fit 1995-2016 FLH models including stock head pipes, 2-into-1-into-2 head pipes, and true duals.
  • Absolute top quality, show chrome plating or matte black finishes along with unique multi stage inner baffle.
  • Sold as pair.
  • Made in USA.

Every single Fuel Moto E-Series® exhaust system model is put through an extensive R&D process that includes power, sound, air/fuel curves, mapping, fitment and finish. No detail is left undone. Then, and only then, are all tooling and fixtures developed for manufacturing and production of the finished product that has now arrived to you.