ThunderMax with Auto Tune

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Requires 18mm oxygen sensor bungs in your exhaust


Are you a Rider who wants a tuning product you can Set-and-Forget, or do you want a product that satisfies your inner Tinker-itis? Well, when you choose ThunderMax®, you can be either!

For the Set-and-Forget Rider, order your ThunderMax® from Fuel Moto pre-programmed for your application, install it and simply go riding. ThunderMax's AutoTune system continuously reads the result of every cylinder fire and fine-tunes the installed base map to your engine's requirements and your riding style – a service other products require a dyno and a skilled operator for. No matter where you ride – hot, cold, sea level or Pike's Peak, you can expect your bike to have smoother, quicker throttle response, increased power and cooler operating temperatures.

For the Rider who likes to change pipes, cams, engine size, add a turbo or supercharger or just about anything else you can imagine, ThunderMax® provides everything needed to facilitate these changes through the included software and features like its AutoMap function, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to program it or make adjustments!