Wood Performance Harley-Davidson Camshafts

Product Information

Price Range: $320.00 - $909.00

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Product Information

Pushrods & Kit

- All gaskets required for installation
- All o-rings required for installation
- Fuel Moto Adjustable Pushrods
- Koyo Inner Cam Bearings

Pushrods, Lifters & Kit

- All components in the Pushrods & Kit
- Wood Performance Directional Alpha series lifters


Fuel Moto has extensive experience with V-Twin engines and camshafts. We find these the most versatile cams on the market for late model twin cam engines. They offer increased horsepower and torque from idle to redline on stock or mildly modified motors. These cams truly give you the best of both worlds, stump pulling torque down low along with big midrange and top end horsepower. Fuel Moto also has a wide range of fuel maps that we have developed in house on our dyno with the Wood Performance Knight Prowler cams. We also offer performance proven complete packages that include the EFI tuning device, exhaust system, hi-flow air cleaner and Wood Performance Cams. Contact us for additional assistance in putting together a complete package that will produce the horsepower and torque that will meet and exceed your needs!


Choosing the “right” Camshaft

Replacing your factory camshafts with aftermarket camshafts is often the largest performance gain versus expense that you could make. Finding the “right” camshafts to meet your needs is often the most difficult step and everyone you speak with surely has their own opinion. Camshafts by their very nature are altering valve opening / closing times through many factors such as timing, duration and lift which come together almost like a recipe for your specific motorcycle. Often times this means that the “right” camshafts for you are NOT the camshafts that worked well for another rider.

Fuel Moto has extensive experience with V-Twin engines and therefore we know which parts will come together to produce the horsepower and torque results you would expect. We would welcome you to contact the technicians at Fuel Moto for assistance in finding the best camshaft solution to fit your needs.

Camshaft Install Kits

When purchasing camshafts they do not typically include all the parts required for installation. Like all the products we carry, we test first test them in house to find the ultimate combination of parts to provide the reliability you would expect along with the best possible pricing. We have put together two Install Packages for you to choose from when selecting your camshafts and you can select the best kit to fit your needs.

Basic Install Kit
  • All gaskets required for installation.
  • All o-rings required for installation.
  • Fuel Moto Adjustable Pushrods
  • Koyo Inner Cam Bearings
Complete Install Kit

All the same items as the Basic Install Kit with the addition of:

  • Wood Performance Directional Alpha Series Lifters