S&S Cycle Harley-Davidson Camshafts

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Price Range: $211.96 - $1421.95

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Product Information

Pushrods & Kit

- All gaskets required for installation
- All o-rings required for installation
- Fuel Moto Adjustable Pushrods

Pushrods, Lifters & Kit

- All components in the Pushrods & Kit
- S&S Precision Lifters


S&S Chain Drive Camshafts

Experience has shown that the 07-later chain drive with hydraulic chain tensioners works well for all but the most demanding high performance applications. That's why S&S offers their most popular grinds for big twins in a chain drive version. The most obvious advantage to a chain drive cam set over our popular gear drive cams is the expense. When you replace the stock cams with an S&S chain drive cam set, all you are replacing are the cams. You re-use the stock cam drive components so you save money on parts. Saving money has always been a good idea, but never more so than it is today.

S&S Easy Start Camshafts

Regardless of displacement or compression ratio with a stock starter, Easy Start Cams from S&S® Cycle make hard starting obsolete for big twins. Available in chain drive and gear drive versions. Don't get caught "dead" without them! More Proven Performance® from S&S Cycle, Inc., the leader in V-Twin high performance parts since 1958.

  • Start any engine with a stock starter
  • Save your starter and battery!
  • Reliable – tested for 10,000 starts and didn't even run the battery down!Automatic – no buttons to push


S&S Gear Drive Camshafts

Gear driven camshafts typically have a higher initial expense as in addition to the camshafts themselves gears and installation kits are required. As gear driven camshafts require almost perfect crank run out typically their installation also requires bottom end servicing. Gear driven camshafts also require greater valve timing accuracy due to the precision required for their use. With this said, if initial cost and valve train noise are not part of your decision process, gear driven camshafts do offer the highest level of reliability and are often utilized in higher displacement engines for this very reason.

Camshaft Install Kits

When purchasing camshafts they do not typically include all the parts required for installation. Like all the products we carry, we test first test them in house to find the ultimate combination of parts to provide the reliability you would expect along with the best possible pricing. We have put together Install Packages for you to choose from when selecting your camshafts and you can select the best kit to fit your needs.

Basic Install Kit
  • All gaskets required for installation.
  • All o-rings required for installation.
  • Fuel Moto Adjustable Pushrods
Complete Install Kit

All the same items as the Basic Install Kit with the addition of:

  • S&S Precision Series Lifters