Fuel Moto FZ-09 E-Series Slip-On Kit

Product Information

Price Range: $399.00 - $499.00


The E-Series® FZ-09 Slip-On Kit features performance very similar to a full exhaust system when combined with the Fuel Moto ECU Flash upgrade. The OEM headpipes are very well designed and combined with the E-Series Slip-On, offers substantial performance gains. We utilize aerospace quality Carbon Fiber pre-preg material for the Muffler shell, coupled with a UV compound within the resin itself. We then incorporate lightweight Titanium and Stainless Steel components to complete your new E-Series system. This design provides maximum flow and attenuation of sound waves to create an awesome deep, low frequency exhaust tone; further accentuated by our evolutionary tunable elliptical diffuser disc system. The TIG welds are applied by expert craftsmen and completely by hand. The 304 series stainless steel mid-pipe features an internal inlet nozzle to increase exhaust flow speed. Also included is an 18mm O2 Bung that will accept both the OEM and/or Wideband Sensor.


  • Full system performance
  • 304 stainless steel mid pipe
  • Aerospace carbon fiber muffler shell
  • Maximum flow to create a deep low frequency exhaust note
  • 18mm O2 bung to accommodate OEM or wide band sensor
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


Dyno Charts

Yamaha FZ-09 | E-Series Slip On Kit | Fuel Moto E-Flash

This dyno chart compares a 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 which is completely stock next to the same motorcycle with the addition of the Fuel Moto E-Series slip on exhaust kit and the Fuel Moto ECU E-Flash.