Jackpot 4" Street Outlaw Slip On Mufflers

Product Information

Price Range: $369.95 - $399.95


The Jackpot Street Outlaw mufflers offer the ultimate combination of performance, sound, and tunability. They offer dyno proven performance in a wide range of application and provide a deep, rich tone with a true V-Twin note. The Street Outlaw muffler features our latest V3 "dyno tuned" baffle which includes easily removable stainless steel inserts giving users the ability to tune the mufflers to their specific engine configuration or the sound level they are looking for.
Truly excellent performance with great sound at a reasonable dB level.

  • Available for 1995-2016 FLH Twin cam and 2017-2020 FLH M8 applications
  • Available in slash down (opposite angle of saddlebag) and slash up (matches saddlebag angle)
  • High quality Chrome or Black ceramic finish
  • Fuel Moto V3 "dyno tuned" baffle system
  • Tunable, removable stainless steel inserts
  • Full length louvered baffle cores
  • Made in USA