D&D Billet Cat 2-1 Exhaust Systems

Product Information

Price Range: $1099.00 - $1349.00


The D&D Billet Cat 2-1 exhaust system is a stepped header system offering top performance. The Billet Cat is equipped with heat shields, bolt kit, brackets and baffle. The Billet Cat is designed and dyno tested at D&D's facilities to increase low end torque as well as horsepower. The included Vortex wrapped baffle, performance increases are generally 8-10% with the proper tune on your motorcycle.

At idle, the motorcycle is deep, boomy and full of character. Not only does the pipe look good, it is a wonderfully sounding experience for the rider.

Selecting An End Cap

Note: Blueing and discoloration are caused by excessive heat / improper tuning and will not be covered under D&D's warranty.

Notice: D&D Performance exhaust systems are designed for closed course racing applications only. Not for use on pollution controlled vehicles.