Feuling Reaper Camshafts

Product Information

Price Range: $269.95 - $708.95

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Product Information

Pushrods & Kit

- All gaskets required for installation
- All o-rings required for installation
- Fuel Moto Adjustable Pushrods
- Koyo Inner Cam Bearings

Pushrods, Lifters & Kit

- All components in the Pushrods & Kit
- Feuling Race Series lifters


Feuling Reaper Performance Camshafts are designed to produce power & torque in the optimum RPM range with increased throttle response and driveability. Wide lobe separation produces wide power and ramps are designed for quiet operation. Engineered and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Fuel Moto offers Feuling Reaper Cams in the following configurations: 

  • Camshaft only
  • Fuel Moto Install Kit: includes Camshaft, FM EZ Quick Install Pushrods, & FM Cam Install kit for Twin Cam or Milwaukee-8 engines
  • Fuel Moto Complete Install Kit: includes everything in the Install kit plus Feuling Race Series lifters