S&S Cycle GNX 4.5" Slip on mufflers

Product Information

Price Range: $529.95 - $671.95


S&S GNX mufflers Milwaukee-8 Touring 

S&S created the GNX slip-ons with one thing in mind and that’s belting out the flag waving, eagle flying song of the American v-twin. Combining a 4.5” shell with a tuned baffle and race inspired tip, the GNX lets the sound and power flow out of the M8.

  • 4.5" slip-on with premium fit, finish, sound, and power!
  • Show quality chrome or OEM exact matching Guardian Black finish
  • New, unique louvered baffle delivers a rowdier tone
  • Removable dB Reducer
  • Clearance for 13.5" shocks
  • Made in America
  • Fits 2017-later M8 touring models