Jackpot 2-into-1 RTX - Fab Spec (FS) Stainless exhaust systems

Product Information

Price Range: $1099.95 - $1149.95


Jackpot RTX 2-into-1 FS Exhaust System - Stainless Steel 17-later Milwaukee-8 Touring - NO Heat Shields

The RTX pipe was tested & developed in dozens of Milwaukee-8 engine configurations; works excellent in 160+Hp combos and also works great on stock & mildly modified engines, a true pipe you can build into with a curve that puts others to shame.  

The Jackpot Road & Track 2/1 also features dual 18mm and 12mm oxygen sensor bungs to accommodate stock O2 sensors as well as Wideband O2 sensors for closed loop tuning modules on all models. This give users a wide range of options for EFI tuners. Both 12mm and 18mm O2 sensor bung plugs are included. The Fab-Spec raw 304 stainless finish will turn a beautiful gold/bronze color over time, this finish and can be easily maintained & restored with a scotch-brite pad or stainless polish.  

The Jackpot 2/1 system does not have a catalyst and is not emissions compliant on OEM catalyst equipped vehicles.

  • Available in raw stainless "Fab Spec" finish, or Black Cerakote 
  • hand built, absolute top quality
  • race style slip fit collector
  • Designed for M8 applications stock up to over 160+Hp
  • developed on the dyno over dozens of engine combinations  
  • full 304 stainless construction w/ billet end cap
  • Long, oversize, 2" primaries for maximum horsepower & torque
  • Dual 12mm & 18mm O2 bungs
  • Fab Spec - FS systems do not include heat shields