JRI Suspension Mono Shocks

Product Information

Price Range: $768.99 - $839.95


JRi is no stranger to motorcycles or championships, having developed ride height and dual adjustable rear shocks for Harley's early on and with multiple championships in everything from Formula 1 and Nascar to Superbikes. They understand the complexity of tuning suspension correctly to get the best handling and ride you can buy for a Harley today. 
  • Available in 12.5 or 13.5 length 
  • Designed for 2018-later M8 Softail 
  • The damping adjuster is located at the bottom of the shock and offers adjustment on compression and rebound simultaneously
  • Can adjust the shock under the fender with the seat installed; don’t have to remove the seat to fine tune
  • 60 clicks of adjustment to dial in your ride exactly how you want it 
  • Performance based settings for improved handling
  • Smooth and controlled ride
  • Custom piston and valve designed to hug the road
  • Rebuildable and serviceable