EFI Tuning Modules

Fuel Moto specializes in EFI fuel management. We offer the latest tuning products from the leading manufactures and work with these products "hands on" at our shop to the highest technical level all day, everyday. Our extensive experience and expertise has brought us to the absolute top of the motorcycle tuning industry, and we are focused on offering tuning products with unmatched technical support. Fuel Moto will pre-program your EFI tuner for the modifications you have made to your bike. Over the past decade of development we have built the largest EFI map database anywhere and offer free unlimited support. We purchase specific motorcycles for the single purpose of in-house testing and development to provide superior customer support with extensive knowledge of these bikes and the products we sell. Most importantly, we can help you decide which tuning product will work best for your bike and your needs, and our technicians can help you with any tuning questions or issues before or after the sale. Click on the tuning products below for more info

  • Dynojet - Power Vision Dynojet - Power Vision

    Fuel Moto is proud to introduce the Power Vision by Dynojet, a true evolution in tuning for all 2001-2016 Delphi equipped Harley Davidson’s. The Dynojet Power Vision is not only the fastest ECM flash tuner on the market, it offers the most powerful tuning features. Power Vision features a fully configurable high resolution touch screen that can be either mounted on your bike and used to monitor real time data, or simply used for tuning, logging or storing maps. Power Vision also includes comprehensive tuning software for your computer including an integrated tuning utility called Auto Tune Basic which uses the stock narrowband sensors, and there is the awesome optional Auto Tune Pro kit which uses the AT-100 with dual Bosch Wideband sensors. Auto Tune Basic and Pro allow you to Auto Tune your bike right on the Power Vision display. Fuel Moto will pre-program your Power Vision for your specfic modifications and we offer industry leading product and tuning support for our customers. We have more experience with Power Vision than anyone, anywhere, period.

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  • Dynojet - Power Commander V Dynojet - Power Commander V

    Fuel Moto offers 100% product support on the Dynojet Power Commander V. We have the worlds largest Power Commander map database offering calibrations for most popular combinations. For those of you with unique setups or are looking for live tuning the PC V will offers the optional Auto Tune module with wideband O2 sensor (dual sensors on V Twin models) which will allow you to tune in real time. We have extensively tested this product in many, many applications. Fuel Moto will pre-program your Power Commander for your specific setup based on the modifications you have done to your bike, we also provide legendary Fuel Moto service before and after the sale.

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  • Fuel Moto - Micro EFI Tuner Fuel Moto - Micro EFI Tuner

    Fuel Moto USA is pleased to introduce the Fuel Moto Micro Tuner by Dynojet. This easy to install Power Commander V based controller features easy to use software and uses Dynojet PC-V maps. The Fuel Moto Micro Tuner features a powerful range of fuel adjustments, it allows for individual cylinder tuning including the decel area of the tune, a useful accellerator pump feature, and it will store three maps which can be be switched right on the Micro Tuner unit. There are also three broad range adjustment for making in field adjustments if desired. There are hundreds of maps available covering most popular applications. Fuel Moto will also pre-program your Micro Tuner based on the modifications you have made to your bike so it is ready to install when you receive it. There is also a wealth of support available from both Fuel Moto and Dynojet Research.

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  • Dynojet - Power Commander III USB Dynojet - Power Commander III USB

    FUEL MOTO is the #1 Power Commander dealer in the USA! Fuel Moto offers the best prices in the USA on Dynojet Power Commanders with unbeatable service. We have the largest dealer inventory of Power Commanders in the USA, when you order from Fuel Moto our Power Commanders are IN STOCK for immediate shipping.

    We are the EFI performance and Dyno tuning specialists and we will pre-program your Power Commander to your bikes specs from the USA's largest map database. Fuel Moto doubles the warranty on the Power Commander and also provides awesome in-house Dynojet certified tech support. Contact us now on what the Power Commander will do for your bike and individual set up.

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  • Zipper's - Thundermax Zipper's - Thundermax

    Fuel Moto is an authorized Zippers Thundermax dealer and dyno tuning center. We offer the absolute latest Zippers Thundermax products with excellent Fuel Moto in house tech support. When you purchase a Thundermax Fuel Injection Module from Fuel Moto we will pre-program the Thundermax with the appropriate base map and base settings for your specific application based on the modifications you have done to your bike as well at your riding style requirements.

    The Thundermax module is a stand alone unit that completely replaces the stock ECM which means there is no wire cutting or splicing, just bolt it on and plug in the unit. The Auto Tune module can be configured within the Smartlink software to automatically adjust the EFI to defined target air/fuel ratios as you ride the motorcycle with wideband oxygen sensors to provide real-time feedback at all rpm's and load,for full-time AFR correction. The Thundermax Smartlink software allows adjustment of RPM Rev Limit, Idle Speed, Ignition Timing, best Target Air/Fuel Ratio as well as diagnostic codes and real-time engine data. The Thundermax is manufactured in the USA with quality components and carries a 3 year warranty.

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  • Vance & Hines - Fuelpak FP3 Vance & Hines - Fuelpak FP3

    The Fuelpak FP3 is available Harley-Davidson models which use CAN Bus HDLAN ECM & J1850 ECM which includes 2007-2016 Touring, 2007-2016 Softail, 2007-2016 Dyna & 2007-2016 Sportster models. This unit connects wirelessly by Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android Smartphone. Fuelpak FP3 is a flashed based tuning product which has the ability to recalibrate various engine parameters and mapping for exhaust systems and other performance upgrades downloaded from the library of calibrations developed by Vance & Hines.

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  • EFI Tuner Accessories EFI Tuner Accessories

    Fuel Moto carries all of the latest Power Commander USB accessories at the best prices in the USA. We also provide technical support to ensure you get the right components and get them set up properly.

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Q) Why does my Fuel Injected motorcycle lack throttle response and performance? Why does it run so hot?

A) Fuel Moto specializes in making Fuel Injected bikes run their best. We have dyno tuned thousands of motocycles and know which combination of parts works on each model and why. Stock bikes are configured with several objectives, primarily to meet emissions and sound requirements and they are restricted by means of the air cleaner, exhaust, as well as the EPA mandated EFI calibration, all of which are a compromise for drivability and performance. By changing these components with the proper combination you will see significant gains in horsepower and torque with simple bolt on parts. Performance Increases by as much as 15-20% are very common, along with these noticeable performance gains you will see much better throttle response and substantially cooler running.

Q) Why does my Fuel Injected motorcycle need to be tuned?

A) From the factory motorcycles are tuned to meet several objectives. This includes emissions standards and the calibration itself is based on the stock components. Modern fuel injected motorcycles utilize a couple different EFI systems based on manufacturer and application, the first system is referred to a Alpha-N which calclulates load and fuel delivery requirements primarily based on RPM X Throttle position, it also uses lookup tables from several other sensors such as Intake air temp, however Alpha N is not based at all on manifold pressure and does not use a MAP sensor. Alpha N systems are used commonly in many Japanese applications and are widely in use by Ducati with some pretty complex strategies such as traction control. The second and more commonly used EFI is the Speed Density system which is based on modeled airflow. This system is more dynamic, fuel delivery and ignition timing is based off on manifold pressure as well as RPM/TPS, most V Twins including the Harley Delphi ECM are Speed Density, this is a good thing. Both Alpha-N and Speed Density systems are calibrated essentially based on predicted airflow or a strategy to deliver in the end a specific target air/fuel ratio at point X in the fuel map. On bikes equipped with O2 sensors the closed loop area of the calibration is configured to operate at or near 14.68 AFR. In most calibrations closed loop is from idle up to approx 80 kPa (approx 60% throttle) which during this time the ECM uses feedback from various sensors including the stock narrowband O2 sensors to maintain the tune. The NB O2 sensors can only measure a small area near stoich which is 14.6:1 (+/- about .3) Besides the EFI systems ability to adjust for conditions such as ambient temperature, barometric pressure, etc... the system is designed to adjust for small variations such as inconsistencies in fuels and production tolerances based on the stock components, but the primary function is to keep the AFR at (or near)14.6:1 in closed loop. Although there is a window of adjustment and the system does have the ability to adapt to a certain extent, It is simply not in its strategy or is it capable of adjusting for free flowing components When you change these parts you can easily put the fuel requirements outside of the EFI's window of adjustment as it is calibrated for the stock components. This is a problem, especially considering the closed loop AFR target in the stock calibration is 14.6:1 which is already leaner than optimum. If your fuel requirements are beyond the ECM's adjustment the mixture goes dangerously lean, it can easily go leaner than 15:1. This is where you will feel poor throttle response, surging, detonation and in extreme cases engine damage. The higher RPM regions are generally not as much of a problem as the stock AFR targets have to be richer to prevent detonation, but they are certainly not optimum. For these reasons EFI tuning is one of the best improvements you can make to your bike. This is our specialty and we offer unlimited tuning support to our customers. -Jamie Long