Dynojet - Target Tune for Power Vision

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Price Range: $298.99 - $726.64

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Product Information

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Dynojet Target Tune is an optional accessory for Power Vision that adds a new dimension to Harley tuning. Target Tune incorporates closed loop fuel control utilizing Bosch wideband O2 sensors into the HD-Delphi ECM. Dynojet has evolved the OEM closed loop parameters and adaptive fuel control within the ECM to meet the needs of performance & tuning enthusiasts alike.

Key Features of Target Tune:

  • Allows the factory ECM to interpret and use wideband O2 sensor signals*
  • User defined AFR/Lambda targets over a broad range
  • Target fuel table from PV calibration is achieved in real time
  • Retains OEM closed loop, adaptive fuel control strategy
  • Learns and uses VE table corrections as you ride
  • Target Tune enhanced Auto Tune app on PV device
  • Does NOT interfere with dealer diagnostic / service tools
  • Direct plug in OEM style connectors connect to factory O2 harness
  • Model specific applications for Harley Davidson closed loop models
  • Available as upgrade kit without O2 sensors for owners of Auto Tune Pro
  • Fits 2006 and newer Harley Davidson motorcycles**

* Requires Power Vision Target Tune specific calibration
** ECM must be "closed loop capable" and have OEM wiring for O2 sensor circuitry