Fuel Moto Best Price Guarantee on Dynojet Tuning Products

Fuel Moto strives to offer the best shopping experience available to our customers. This not only includes honest, competitive pricing it also includes multiple value added incentives including free double warranty on Dynojet tuning modules, access to Fuel Moto fuel maps (the largest map database on the planet), free pre-programming of your EFI module, and most importantly technical and tuning support. We specialize in EFI tuning and have been using Dynojet dynamometers and tuning products since 1996. We are a technical partner with Dynojet, directly involved in design, development, and product testing. Fuel Moto is recognized as the industry leader in motorcycle EFI tuning components, offering unmatched service and it’s our aim to develop long lasting relationships with our customers.

Fuel Moto will match a competitor listed “Current Price” under the following conditions:

  • Competitor is an authorized dealer of Dynojet tuning products
  • Competitor has item in stock for immediate shipping at their location at the time of sale
  • Competitors “Current Price” is clearly listed on their website along with current MSRP to ensure pricing is up to date. “Current price” does not include email for best price, email quotes, or strikethrough pricing to circumvent MAP (Manufacturer Advertised Price) agreements.

We do not price match under the following conditions:

  • We do not match prices from third party websites including Amazon and eBay
  • We do not price match special offers, rebates, or closeouts
  • We do not price match club or membership pricing

Fuel Moto Best Pricing Guarantee cannot be combined with other offers, sales, or discounts. Fuel Moto reserves the right to approve or deny Best Pricing at our sole discretion. Fuel Moto Best price does not include shipping

Price matched items do not include Fuel Moto value added incentives, this means NO double warranty on Dynojet tuning modules, NO access to Fuel Moto fuel maps, NO pre-programming of your EFI module, All technical and warranty support is to be handled directly by the manufacturer.

If you would like to request a price match please send an email to info@fuelmotousa.com with the following info:

  • Specific item including part number
  • Link to competitor website that shows current price

We will review the price and you will be contacted on how to purchase the item.