Darkhorse Man-O-War Motorsprocket

Product Information

Price Range: $489.00 - $519.00


Darkhorse Man O-War Motorsprocket system for Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-8 and TwinCam models

The Man O-War motorsprocket by Darkhorse Crankworks is the 1st performance engineered primary motor sprocket that replaces the OEM Compensator and provides instant torque response combined with an “engine pulse absorbing cushion drive”  primary drive system.

Through extensive model design & testing, the Man O-War Motorsprocket is engineered for longevity compared to OEM compensating sprockets without sacrificing rider comfort.  This patented system puts an emphasis on rider comfort compared to the noise and harsh feeling under loads associated with 1 piece solid motor sprockets.

These premium features including the ability to rebuild & service the unit in place versus expensive compensators that need to be replaced as an entire unit. The Man O-War  will be the last motor sprocket you will need to buy for your Harley-Davidson. 

  • 34T (stock gear ratio) for Harley Davidson Twin cam & M8
  • replaces the factory compensator 
  • weighs 2 lbs less than factory compensator
  • half the parts as the stock compensator
  • completely rebuildable
  • less noise, less shock to engine & drivetrain 
  • works with the stock primary chain & tensioner
  • Made in the USA