Thundermax Fuel Injection Module with Auto Tune


Fuel Moto will load the appropriate base map into your T-Max before we ship, we've been a T-max dealer since 2007 and have our own database of maps, including tunes for assorted aftermarket cams & big bore applications. 

We offer the absolute latest Thundermax products with excellent Fuel Moto in house tech support. When you purchase a Thundermax Fuel Injection Module from Fuel Moto we will pre-program the Thundermax with the appropriate base map and base settings for your specific application based on the modifications you have done to your bike as well at your riding style requirements. During the checkout process you will be prompted to provide your bike information & modifications

Get the Thundermax Fuel Injection Module for your Harley today!

All ThunderMax models also include wide band auto tuning!

Thundermax Fuel Injection


The Thundermax module is a stand alone unit that completely replaces the stock ECM which means there is no wire cutting or splicing, just bolt it on and plug in the unit. The Auto Tune module can be configured within the Smartlink software to automatically adjust the EFI to defined target air/fuel ratios as you ride the motorcycle with wideband oxygen sensors to provide real-time feedback at all rpm's and load,for full-time AFR correction. The Thundermax Smartlink software allows adjustment of RPM Rev Limit, Idle Speed, Ignition Timing, best Target Air/Fuel Ratio as well as diagnostic codes and real-time engine data. The Thundermax is manufactured in the USA with quality components and carries a 3 year warranty.


Fuel Moto is fortunate enough to be involved in product testing of the Thundermax with Auto Tune for assorted models. 

Here is some info we put together on the updated Touring models Tmax unit:

There are many new updates to the new Thundermax. A welcome change is a standard USB connector for linking up to the Smartlink software, gone is the RS-232 DIN connector as used on other models. The new Thundermax also now has the ECM and Auto Tune modules integrated into one unit. There is less wiring and the harnesses for the Bosch Wideband sensors now plugs directly into the side of the Thundermax unit and is secured by 2 screws. The O2 harness wires are very durable and are silicone covered for protection from heat and the elements. The Thundermax unit itself is contained in a very nicely CNC machined case and is very durable.


Install is very straight forward. You basically start by removing the ECM fuse, unplug and remove the stock ECM and replace it with the Thundermax unit, replace the stock nb sensors with the included Bosch LSU 4.2 sensors, plug in the O2 harness, re-install the ecm fuse and the install is complete. Unlike the earlier models, you do not need to initialize the unit as there is no IAC. For the software you will simply run the included CD and once loaded run the updater and it will automatically look for any new updates and will give you the option of downloading them. This will keep your software and calibration list up to date. Before connecting to the software for the first time you will need to install the driver which is very straight forward. Once linked up the Smartlink software will check the unit for firmware and upgrades and if needed download them. The software itself is for the most part just like the earlier Smartlink with several updates and is very straight forward and easy to use. You have full control of the fuel, ignition, AFR tables, as well as many other utilities such as idle RPM, rev limiter, decel fuel, speedo calibration, and others.

We got the Thundermax installed in about a half hour. Started the bike and put it up on the dyno for some testing. We went thru the gears and tested several different features in the unit. This bike currently has Rinehart true dual exhaust and stage 1 air cleaner and there was a Thundermax calibration for this exact setup. I was very impressed at the accuracy of this calibration, I spent the better part of an hour on the dyno reading the wideband from the dyno as well as both Thundermax O2 sensors in the Smartlink software all of which are in real time. There were some areas where the Thundermax made some changes, others where the calibration was right on. The unit adapted to changes very quickly and very accurately. I even purposely richened and leaned and map to see how the Auto Tune would react and it very quickly correct them to the target AFR. In all, the new Thundermax is an impressive unit and will be another great option for those looking for a very flexible product.


This is a screenshot I took while running the bike on the dyno, note the accuracy of the AFR. The target AFR and the actual front and rear AFR are within three hundreths of a point.


Get the Thundermax Fuel Injection Module for your Harley today!

All ThunderMax models also include wide band auto tuning!