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  • Big Bore Kits / Crate Engines Big Bore Kits / Crate Engines

    There are so many excellent performance parts available for your H-D that it can be difficult to bring together a set of components that truly compliment each other. We have spent years testing and developing our big bore kits so you don't have to! Each kit has customizable features such as cam selection, piston selection, and some kits even include perfect fit pushrods tailored to your build.

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  • Cylinder Head Porting Cylinder Head Porting

    Fuel Moto offers comprehensive in-house cylinder head services for late model Harley Twin cam engines. With nearly 20 years of porting experience in a wide range of applications we can provide a cylinder head package for nearly any combination using our proven programs that have been developed on the flow bench, the dyno, and in real world testing for maximum performance and drive-ability. We use only the absolute finest parts and components from manufacturers such as Wood Performance, AV&V and all of our R&D is done in-house. Fuel Moto is equipped with a Superflow flow bench with data acquisition capabilities, a well equipped machine shop, and all design and development is tested and verified on our Dynojet 250i chassis dyno.

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  • Performance Cams Performance Cams

    Fuel Moto carries Wood Performance Knight Prowler cams for Harley Davidson models. Wood Cams are designed by Bob Wood of NHRA Funny Car fame and are custom manufactured by Andrews Products to exact Wood Performance specifications. Knight Prowler cams feature short duration, high-lift specs that are a trade mark of Bob Wood that yield excellent torque and horsepower gains, not matched by other cams.

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  • Dyno Tuning Dyno Tuning

    Fuel Moto is the Midwest's premier official Dynojet tuning center facility. Featuring a state of the art dyno cell equipped with a Dynojet 250i load control dynamometer we can perform a wide range of highly accurate tests including horsepower and torque, as well as exact air/fuel ratio. For tuning, our dyno is equipped with latest software including Dynojet Tuning Link as well as advanced tuning software from many other current EFI tuning manufacturers.

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  • Throttle Body Porting Throttle Body Porting

    Fuel Moto offers throttle body porting for 2008-2015 Harley Touring throttle by wire induction modules. This service includes cleanup and porting of the runner and manifold, contouring the transition around the injector ports, and matching the inlet radius to the air cleaner backing plate. Throttle body remains 50mm. We offer a 1 week turnaround on customer supplied throttle bodies.

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  • Fuel Moto Pushrods Fuel Moto Pushrods

    Fuel Moto pushrods are the finest available and feature a .095" chromoly tapered design that is engineered for maximum strength and durability. Both quick install and perfect fit pushrod styles are designed for use with the stock pushrod tube covers.

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  • Extreme Duty Cylinders Extreme Duty Cylinders

    Available for the 107 & 110" big bore kits, these extreme heavy duty cylinders offer a much thicker liner and fins which provides the best possible thermal heat dissipation.

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