126" Fuel Moto Outlaw Engine

126 FM Outlaw

The Fuel Moto 126” Outlaw is a complete turn key engine designed to deliver top level horsepower & torque for 2007 and newer H-D Dyna / Touring Twin Cam motorcycles. Each engine is custom built by Fuel Moto to your individual requirements from 100% new components. Engine includes MSO (Manufacturer Certificate of Origin) from H-D Motor Company. Requires supportive parts capable of 150+ horsepower such as exhaust system, throttle body, injectors, air cleaner, clutch & EFI tuning product (not included).

$7995 -
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126 FM Outlaw

The following items are included with the Fuel Moto 126" Outlaw:

  • Genuine Harley Davidson SE engine cases with Timken conversion
  • S&S 3 piece crankshaft, 4140 steel; heavy duty connecting rods
  • Fuel Moto IC extreme duty cylinders, precision bored; Forged pistons
  • Fuel Moto Outlaw CNC ported S&S Super Stock heads (port profile by Rick Ward)
  • Multi radius competition valve job; 660 lift valve springs
  • Heads machined for HD automatic compression releases
  • S&S TC3 forged cam plate, S&S three stage oil pump
  • Wood Performance camshafts
  • Wood Performance alpha Directional Lifters
  • Fuel Moto adjustable pushrods
  • S&S forged roller rockers
  • S&S rocker housings & rocker stands
  • S&S lifter blocks
  • S&S gear drive (optional)

Retail Price: $7995.00 Complete kit
Professional turn key Installation: $8745.00 at our location including the complete engine, break in & dyno tune on our state of the art dyno. (*does not include required peripheral such as EFI tuning device, exhaust system, throttle body, or other associated parts such as oil & filter)

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Emissions Notice

The Fuel Moto Outlaw 126" crate engine is specifically designed and designated as/for “Competition and Racing Vehicles Only”. Any/All model application pictures shown are for reference only and solely intended for Competition and Racing Vehicles only and must not be used at any time on a public road/highway.